Mitzvah Projects

As a pledge of becoming part of the Jewish people, here are my personal mitzvah projects I plan on keeping up with… (I will be adding more as the days go by.)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I truly believe it is a mitzvah to look out for everyone–and not just your own people. If you see ANYTHING anti-semite posted online: REPORT IT RIGHT AWAY to whoever it needs to be reported!!!! WE CANNOT LET HATE SURVIVE. By helping squash the haters, you are feeding love into the world…tiny bit by tiny bit!! Please promise me that you’ll report anything that seems to be: racist, homophobic, against any group of people, anything of the “anti-semite” caliber. Thank you.


I have been collecting can tabs for almost a year now. If you live locally to me, feel free to save them and hand them over when you see me. I already have a source to drop them off…,I’m always going to be looking for any schools that are doing HOLOCAUST projects that will involve the tabs. Please let me know if so, otherwise, I’m going to be dropping them off in the next few months.

In the months of October & February – I will be collecting mascara wands to send to a wildlife company. They use these to comb small animals free of bugs, feathers, etc that is harmful to them in order to nurse them back to health. As a lover of all animals and a tiny critter mama, I want to everything to help save these little babes. If you have empty tubes of mascara – throw the tube away, but keep the wand, and give it to me! I will be sending a batch this upcoming October 2019.

When Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen came on TV in 2009, it changed my world. I suddenly became such a fan of the direct response industry, met a lot of the crew and fans on Twitter, and even opened up my own blog called “Pitchmen Enthusiast” where I discussed products, the show, and business. Near the end of season 1 & all of season 2, I hosted an online chat party where we’d discuss the episodes. On June 28, 2009–before S1 was over–Billy Mays died. That following November, I was lucky enough to go and meet the crew, hang out in the original office, and become friends with his inner circle… and that’s what really led me to moving to Florida. Even though it’s been years since I’ve been in touch with the DR world, I still keep my eye out for the special things. Billy Mays III (son) has a wonderful website called He’s partnered with Dunedin Brewery to benefit the Laundry Project where low-income families can have their laundry done for free. You can find out more here.