Meet Ahava

On 6/12/19 (Anne Frank’s birthday), I converted to Judaism.
My birthday is also the last day Anne Frank ever wrote in her diary.
My Hebrew name is Ahava.
I am so beyond the moon to join my people, the ones with the Jewish souls.
(And, you better believe, Judaism has saved me & changed my life for good.)

xo Karen Maeby (Ahava)


18 Facts About Me

  1. I found Judaism in 12/2017 (first day of Hanukkah), didn’t start going to services until 6/2018, didn’t start my studies until 8/2018, and then converted 6/2019. What a whirlwind of learning, being, doing.
  2. I’m 33…. going on 5 (due to my glitter problem), going on 180 (because I’m an old soul). I’m also slightly psychic/gypsy/very 1920s feeling with a strong intuition, and a believer in fate, destiny, 11.11/12.34 and almost all the things in that realm.
  3. I’m 100% an arts junkie: theatre (I’m a stage manager), writing, music person, sometimes artist. Anything and everything to do with the arts.
  4. Fridays have always been my favorite day. Possibly because I was born on a Friday. Friday nights were my favorite to get friends together for celebrations and just enjoy dinner/music/etc together. Also appropriate how Shabbat is Friday.
  5. I love Glitter + I own way too many glitter things for my age. I have glitter: shoes, eye shadow, fingernail polish, notebooks, folders, pens/pencils, bags, hair accessories, clothing.
  6. I have way too many interests. Possibly 85% more than the normally sane person has in this lifetime. I guess it’s because I am a writer that I am that way. Curious about absolutely everything. When I get bored or tired of something, I sit it aside, then come back to it later.
  7. I am a hoarder of the following things: books, notebooks, podcasts, bags, glitter, (used to be) Pirate things, information, and notes/ideas for stories.
  8. I feel like the reason I love learning so much is because of having this Jewish soul.
  9. My favorite color is sunset and rainbow.
  10. I love and eat tacos way too much, and I truly believe that matzo ball soup solves all of the problems in the world.
  11. My favorite musicians are: Lady Gaga, Jimmy Buffett, and Mozart. My favorite type of music is jazz. I also love everything from classical music & opera to rap music and everything in between. Most favorite musical is Rent (I have seen it live 2 times, the movie and online Broadway version about a million times… and I can sing along to every single word.)
  12. My favorite season is Pumpkin Spice.
  13. My most favorite TV shows: Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, The Office, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I don’t really have the attention span for movies.
  14. I’m very social when I’m very social, but I’m also like a hermit crab when I need my rest from doing so much or being around so many people. I also disappear if I’m working a show.
  15. I love events and shows more than the average person (probably).
  16. Every day I wear my chai and star of David necklaces that I found and bought last year. Other than when I color my hair, I do not take them off. The chai reminds me about LIFE and Star of David reminds me how much my soul has been saved through Judaism. The love runs deep.
  17. I color my hair so very often, right now it’s pink. Tomorrow it’s probably going to be red for fall. Hence, the picture of me is in b&w.
  18. I have figured out that the feelings deep in my soul fall along side of the Jewish Holidays, and for that, I am very happy things are finally making sense…. like I’ve always thought the new year should start in the fall, and it does. I’ve felt very trapped like a prisoner or slave in my own life around springtime… bring in Passover.

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