Meet Jewish Maeby

As of 6/12/19 (Anne Frank’s birthday), I converted to Judaism.
My Hebrew name is Ahava.
I am so beyond the moon to join my people, the ones with the Jewish souls.



I usually answer to “Karen Maeby” – Karen being my real first name and it’s a huge long story as to why Maeby is my chosen middle name (just watch the TV Show Arrested Development, you’ll understand)! Both together make my stage name that I’ve officially been using on all of my art / writing / theater work for about 8-10 years now.

I started Jewish Maeby some odd months ago to document my journey of discovering, living and–ultimately, the goal–of officially converting to Judaism. I’ve been mostly hanging out on Instagram sharing my life there: taking photos of my art, daily happenings or details of whatever I did Jewish that day. However, since I am having way more of those experiences, I felt the need to start blogging…. something I wanted to start a while ago but didn’t have the chance. Now it’s working out that I have some time to devote to getting it up and running…. I do have a lot of catching up to do! All in due time. (Not to mention I am in the Intro to Judaism class and I really have some thoughts to get out about that, since I’m learning so much at one time!)

I hope to inspire all of my readers or at least make [you] happy that you’ve come across my blog. Feel free to email me ( with questions or comments…. I would love to hear from you!

Seven random facts about me. Yes, it takes a gigantic novel to get there.

  1. “I eat Glitter for breakfast and sparkle all day” is basically my mantra. I love Glitter. Probably too much for my age. When I’m not too tired to do so: my fingernails are usually painted with Glitter and when I do shows I’m always wearing Glitter eye shadow. I also own two pairs of (kids) Glitter shoes and one of them lights up. Yeah, I’m 5. Creds to my friend who coined the phrase and nicknamed me “Glittery Girl” last year. I also love color–if rainbow (or the sunset for that matter) were a color, it’d be my favorite. “Color” shows up a lot in my poetry.
  2. Every day is Taco Day. I very much love tacos…. Tijuana Flats, Chipotle, Qdoba, Carmelita’s. Yummy. Any time someone hasn’t seen me in a while and they know my busy schedule, they will woo me with tacos. “Can you come over, I’ll make tacos” or “I need to talk to you. Let’s meet over tacos.” Yeah. It’s completely unfair how they can do that… because they know I can’t say no! Even my parents are getting into the habit, “it’s Tuesday, did you have tacos? Which place this time?” Also, fun fact: the big play that my writer’s group performed, we completely centered Taco Tuesday around the plot, then we had a taco cast party afterwards.
  3. One of these days (when I actually find it on my computer) I will post my Matzo Ball Soup story, but I believe MBS solves all of the worlds problems, especially when it comes from my third home. It’s weird to think I detested chicken noodle soup as a kid/teen, but found this as an adult instead. There’s more meaning in a Matzo Ball–there are stories, stories, stories!
  4. “I can’t, I have rehearsal” is the quote of the day sometimes. I’m the one that has to live with my schedule and I usually schedule myself to do so much that I never get to do anything else but work (even if it’s on fun stuff). Every once in a while I think I have a free day and I plan something, then I have to cancel. Just to give you an idea…. Last year there were two separate times where I was working 4 productions at one time, on a reading committee & read over 250 scripts, hosting a writer’s group, working full time and trying to stay sane. I need to find my secret of how I dealt with that in 2018 without losing my mind. I wouldn’t have it any other way though because theatre, writing, music is basically my life….I just need to find that kind of busy again! PS-everyone hated it when I brought out my calendar with five hundred highlights all over the pages filled from top to bottom.
  5. I’m a gypsy: I love traveling (haven’t been able to in 2+ years), I can’t stand doing the same thing for more than a certain amount of time or it kills my soul, I crave adventures (more than I crave tacos, but only sometimes) and I am highly addicted to change. People are no longer surprised to hear of any crazy uprooting decisions I make either on the fly or after keeping it hidden for a while. Sometimes I plan and sometimes I don’t. I like being in the cone of uncertainty sometimes (except during hurricane season), because you never know where life’s journey will take you if you’re open and free. Some of the best things in life happen accidentally and when you’re not looking.
  6. I’m slightly psychic, and also an old soul. I have premonition dreams that usually come true within a week. I get strong vibes from people and can sense their positive or negative energy. If I have a strong connection with someone, I can feel their feelings or know what they’re thinking. I can sometimes determine how a situation is going to turn out and I usually warn people if I feel their decision will turn out bad depending on what I’m feeling. It’s kind of scary, sometimes disappointing, but allows me to grieve and deal with feelings before the situation happens to be able to deal with it in a better light….if I can. Because of this and being an intense writer, I literally read into everything: I believe everything happens for a reason, you meet people for a reason, serendipity/fate is to not be messed with and should be taken seriously, 12:34 & 11:11 have meaning, coincidences aren’t coincidences, signs are definitely signs, time is a lousy companion but it heals, helps, guides. You need to find your soul mates (the people from your same tree) for your life’s journey and life lessons. When you meet your twin flame your entire world will be shaken because it brings out ‘what just happened’ and ‘why’ and the different situations will make you think about your life in general, and it will leave you severely confused. From that moment on–every time you look in the mirror–some piece of your past comes back with new feelings and you just don’t know how to deal with it so you shut it down because of fear of change and ‘what might happen if.’
  7. I love too much sometimes. New friends, old friends, family, moments, jobs, volunteering, dreaming, the different places I call home and where I have a story. I get hurt more from business deals than relationships. Only a small number of people that I know have the intense love and feelings for moments like I do. I guess that’s because of #6.