As a Writer, I am inspired by every day life. 
I write a little bit of everything: plays, non/fiction, poetry, narratives, stories.
I’m mostly in love with writing one-act plays right now, though.
I also host my very own writer’s group in St Pete.

All of my writings are inspired by droplets of every day: people/animals from my past, present, future; experiences I’ve had; dreams I’ve dreamt or accomplished; being inspired by something I’ve read or seen on TV; photos, a simple math problem, paintings, songs….. just about anything. Sometimes coincidences happen with defining a character/place/etc, so it is not my intention (ever) to copy someone’s life or hurt them by doing so. That is why that if I am inspired by or writing about someone, I will give credit where credit is due, and post the name of who it is about (with their permission, of course). Otherwise, it is just one of my passing by inspirations and I had to get it out before the inspiration dies. 

Please check chantilly lace & glitter for my non-Jewish writings.
My portfolio / professional website is karenmaeby.com.
With the exception of Shabbat, this blog “Jewish Maeby” will be about all things Jewish.

Thanks, and with very much Love, Karen Maeby (Ahava)