The Poem

Nearly every single day of my 31 years of being an old soul on this Earth:
I have been searching endlessly for what my heart wants, 
where my soul belongs, and what my life’s purpose really is. 
Reading and questioning everything. Why this, why that? What if this, what if that?
I’ve created this realm of philosophical thoughts that led me 
to wondering why this often ignited flame inside me dies out? 

I am in a much different place than where I was born..… 
I broke away from those roots at 21 with a different mindset
by walking down the road less traveled, and I never looked back. 
Growing older—supposedly wiser—only harmed me in some way. 
My soulfulness of my wondering youth and the youngness of my mind 
was nearly erased by the every day menial problems. 

Last year in December, around Hanukkah, my soul was screaming. 
After not being successful to distract myself with anything else, 
I walked down to the local Menorah lighting ceremony on the first day. 
Something about being there was magical—I saw a flame that didn’t die.
A million of my dreams as a teen have been realized, but why, I ask:  
during the most fulfilling moments of living….there’s still something missing? 

The night before my aunt died, I told her a secret: I discovered Judaism. 
I told her she no longer had to worry about my soul. I finally found where it belongs. 
This is my journey, the one that I will wholeheartedly embrace,
the one that I will choose to carefully walk—not run, skip, jump, hop—and practice 
often, for this is something that deserves my true attention and patience. 
I cannot ever take this moment for granted because I have found my spiritual home.

My aunt, being of a different religion, replied “A good place to start your spiritual 
journey is Judaism. Jesus was Jewish so you can’t go wrong starting there. 
Follow your heart and look to God. He will answer all of life’s questions.” 
That answer provided me with the stamp of approval. 
I sent my letter out to the universe, to the world, to God himself 
that I was ready to take on this new responsibility of finding out who I am.

I’ve spent so much time being blinded and sidetracked by the clutter in life, 
and in turn, I have missed some of the best moments that could have been. 
There are years shaved off my life that I can never get back. 
Depression swallowed me whole in the darkest days of my life, 
and what I would have given at that time to close my eyes and never wake. 
But, I had forgotten: both the good and bad in life serve us with life lessons.

Just this week, I cut back on TV shows, and looked to finding synagogue feeds online. 
I found one in New York and I instantly fell in love with this Rabbi’s sermon: 
“Gam zeh ya’avor. This too shall pass.” 
How true it is that with every breath we take and move along the day, the moments shift
from bad to good and good to bad, back and fourth like a pendulum… 
always leaving room just enough for an action or a reaction. 

Time is sometimes a lie that we rarely take seriously, and living in the moment 
just doesn’t exist anymore when people’s hearts aren’t pure from distractions. 
We think we have time to say what we need to say, or do what we need to do, 
but we don’t… and we’re almost always gone, even if we’re there in present day. 
I’ve had many people—and moments—taken from me as I’ve come to love them. 
It’s the constant reminder that nothing is ever permanent.
And to trust the thought that everything happens for a reason, no matter what it is.


These last few months–My discovery of Judaism and the beautiful Jewish Culture–has lit my life’s candle so full of love and light. It’s such an intense feeling that I’ve never felt or seen before. When a person knows, they know. I know I have a whole lifetime worth of catching up on, but embedded deeply in this soul of mine, I feel like I already know it… that I’ve walked the path before in another lifetime. It brings up a lot of loaded questions, and I’ll still be searching for answers come as they may. I can’t even begin to explain how it has completed the largest missing piece of my life’s puzzle, even in this short period of time, even with as little as I recognize I know, right at this given moment. 

Visualize this: it’s like when you read a very good piece of literature and the words start lifting off the page, turn into music, and suddenly, you’re singing a song you felt like you’ve known your entire life….but you don’t know how, because you can’t place ever singing it because it just doesn’t make sense how you would have known it…and then, suddenly, the music turns into the most beautiful piece of artwork that you’ve ever seen–like a sunset–and you’re just so much in awe that you stand there for hours upon hours just staring at it because it takes your breath away. And you just want to grab some glasses, pour a drink or two, and make a toast screaming TO LIFE at the top of your lungs….because you’ve embraced life like you’ve never done before and you truly never, ever, ever want it end. That’s where I am. And, that’s where you’ll find me. 

~ Karen Maeby 2.21.18