Rosh Hashanah goals made at the end of 2018/5778.

I logged into Facebook for the first time in about a week or two and “on this day” from 8/30/2018 popped up… it was my list of 13 New Years resolutions (13 because, well, it’s one of my favorite numbers).

It’s so hard to believe that…

On 8/30/2018:
-I didn’t even have this blog and I think barely started my Instagram account at that point. Let that sink in.
-I wasn’t even in Intro to Judaism class yet. Let me repeat this: I. Wasn’t. Even. In. Intro. To. Judaism. Class. Yet.
-The biggest event–after my first Shabbat at CBI (Pride)–was being a guest to the Sukkot dinner. (I think.)
-I barely knew anything other than the limited amount of things I looked up. I had found some books, but still, it’s a whole lot different when you have a class and attend events that help one learn along the way.

(I legit have tears in my eyes just typing that above. I have come a long, long, long way between not even getting to do RH the proper way to converting early after Shavuot. I don’t think anyone–other than us Jews–really truly understand what is packed into a year, and the meaning of absolutely everything….and for me to be like I only truly started last year… man. Just. Yeah. My heart. I will share my personal RH experience when it gets closer to the end of the month. I hand wrote a couple of pages of thoughts, so I will share that.)

Here’s the 13 resolutions, and my update.

  1. Write something every day. > Now that I have blog(s), I do write a whole lot more, but I also have written a lot of stuff offline for my writer’s group that I can’t post anywhere because of me worrying about copyright and the opportunities to send my plays in somewhere.
  2. Start dropping what’s not important. > I can’t believe that I can actually say YES I DID THIS to this. At the beginning of this year, I started saying no to all the activities I really didn’t want to do anymore, and to those I did say yes to, I’ve spaced these commitments out enough that I won’t go insane like last year…cuz, that was just crazy, ridiculous, and something I really don’t want to try again.
  3. Drink & eat healthier. Less sugar. More green tea. More greens–veggies & fruits. > For the most part I’ve done this. I don’t keep sugar in the house. No sugar in coffee unless it’s from a coffee shop. I drink green tea all the time. I get a lot of greens from eating taco salads all the time. Ha ha. I’m not sure that counts, but whatevs.
  4. Manage a consistant bedtime & wake up time for extra scheduling during busy months. > Failed miserably. My schedule is all over the place. I sleep when I need it.
  5. Make more money. > I did have two jobs at one point, then only one again. Got a summer raise tho. So, I guess that counts. But I need to get a second job again sometime soon.
  6. Purge items that I don’t need. > A few of us friends had two yard sales and I sold some stuff. Got rid of a huge amount of clothes (by donation). Now I’m waiting for the next one so that I can sell the huge mountain of things I have stacked up.
  7. Purge thoughts/ideas that are no longer valid or negative. > This will always be a working progress. I’m going through my writing and deleting anything from the past that I never want to see again. Mostly things to do with depression unless it’s really good writing. I am slooooowwwwwllly going through anything else written like notes and such, and getting rid of anything negative.
  8. Make art / creations & start selling them. > I’m still making art, but I haven’t even started with selling it. It’s going to be a long process due to my intense plans to do graphic design and such.
  9. Create more opportunities towards success, goals, dreams. > I think I’ve failed with this one. Possibly.
  10. Kill wasted time and time wasters. > Still struggling with this, but “time wasters” are sometimes things that help me relax, so…
  11. Make time off so I don’t end up having a heart/panic/anxiety attack. > Yep. Learned my lesson in January (after going non stop for 2 separate 100 days first half and end half of 2018). However, the anxiety / panic attack derived from being around negativity so after figuring that out in May, I’m doing a thousand times better. Also, trying to really fix Shabbat to what it needs to be in my life. Very major struggles with that.
  12. Live up to my full future Jewish convert potential. > I had no idea–when I wrote this–that I was going to be converted already… so I am trying to learn and use what I learn out in the world starting with my inner circles. That’s where it begins. I try to do mitzvahs, good deeds, when I see fit. I’m still trying to find my way, but aren’t we all?
  13. Help change lives in any of the ways that I can and know how. Hopefully through writing too. > Not sure on this one yet, but I hope… some day.


I found a couple more Elul challenges, but I may be a little late on those, however, I’ll catch up. I think what I’ll do for goals this year is take each day (and what exercises I had to do) and pick something that I need to work on and keep tabs on how I’m doing to possibly do monthly updates or at least have something to talk about next year.

Love Always,