Even though I called this page “Bookshelf” I wanted to share with you what’s in my special dresser drawer that I acquired from the theatre a while back. I knew I wanted a place to stash all my Jewish items, so here you go…. Yes, I know, I haven’t put away my menorah. The hamsa I just bought is above (you can see it) hanging from a glittery “LOVE” necklace holder along with my 1st Star of David necklace.

First Drawer (top): magazines galore, some random things from Hanukkah.

BOOKS! Although this isn’t everything. I have like 5 books in my bag for my class, my Diary of Anne Frank book is actually displayed on my real bookshelf, I have Leslea Newman’s other book in my bag, and I have the Jewish Humor book that I borrowed sitting on my treasure chest. So yes, plenty to go around.

The last drawer: a box with “love” written on it contains alllllllllllllll of my papers starting from the first day I attended CBI services to who knows what else.