Jewish Mysticism (the beginning of)

Oy vey. So this weekend has been the absolute weirdest. I think I have physically and emotionally felt every single mood and emotion you can even begin to channel. It also didn’t help having all of this rain because it actually crawls into my bones/muscles and I hurt so badly. And, I must be some sort of stressed because I am wanting to eat everything in sight!!! Anyway, I felt force of the dark side creeping up through my light, for sure, but here’s how I actually took care of business paying attention to the fact that I’m trying to keep changing my life for the better since becoming Jewish…(bear with me until I get there at the end… it’s a process…..)

The weirdness started a couple weeks ago from all of the weird dreams I keep having. Energy was drained on the 4th of July and continued into Friday where I misread a sign that completely threw my day off. That evening, I went to Shabbat service and my soul was cleansed a bit. Then on Saturday—after having moved everything to the CH—I was setting up in the green room. I touched the TV that’s sitting on top of the fridge and got shocked so badly you could actually see a spark. A LARGE, colorful one. Unfortunately, I had yet to unplug the fridge/tv and replug everything into our power strip. As I was doing that, sparks also flew, so I ended up having someone else do that for me. Being shocked left me in a weird mood. I finished my work early, so I went home, and just felt completely drained (again). 

Sunday morning I woke up from having a dream that someone in my family died but then became some other object that suddenly shrinks into something else, almost close to nothingness. Like a horror movie or something. From a show I never, ever watch. Like ever. I just hope this isn’t a sign, because the person I dreamt about barely keeps anyone close and may really be completely alone at this point where people may not find out if something happens….before it gets to that point of, well, that piece of my dream that could be placed into a horror film.  

There’s this new metaphysical shop that opened up near the CH, so I went in there, and picked up some of that energy. I must’ve picked up enough good “light” energy because I’ve been in a mood to accomplish a lot of things and not be sucked into what has drug me to the carpet. Oh, and, one more thing… I lit some candles and one of them backfired and burnt me. I have no Earthly idea what has happened or is happening. … well, up until I read an email from an astrologist/metaphysical shop that I follow in Fort Myers. 

July 7th started the Mercury retrograde and it will last until July 31st. Wonderful. Here’s some notes that came from the email: 

Make important decisions
Sign contracts
Buy a car
Begin a new relationship
Take anything personally at this time

Take your time reading paperwork/contracts
Reflect on your past choices
Have back-up plans for travel
Repair your car
Re-color your hair
Review your financial situation
Give yourself and your space a good clearing
Release an unhealthy habit  

What You Can Expect
Miscommunication – people may be misinterpreting what you say and you may misinterpret other people’s words and intentions
Electronics are going haywire – computers, clocks, telephones, etc.
Batteries dying
Angry behavior
Getting lost, tardiness
Increased number of accidents
People from your past may make come back into your life

Yeah, so how fun is that? Welcome to the chaos that is July. But it looks like my plans—after the SOAs are over on the 21st—will be in full alignment with everything under the “Do’s”… I like it when my plans work out. Or, I’m on the right page with the Universe…..Unless: July chaos. 

So…while being on the subject of seriously studying my soul—like I’ve been doing the past couple weeks—I thought about Jewish Mysticism. Out of all those books I ordered, I got The Jewish Mystical Tradition, and I’m starting to flip through the chapters. Not seriously reading because I am trying not to start anything while working a show (new rule for myself), but this is going to be my next “class” even though I’ll be teaching myself, basically. 

I looked online to find that astrology/zodiac actually plays heavy roles in Judaism (Kabbalah). Found out that mazal means planet/star and a more specific word for star is khokhav. “The time, day and date when a person is born has an important influence on his destiny.” I’ve always said that, and the name that you are given defines you. 

I feel like all these weird things that have been happening, and the closer to talking about the soul that I get and feel… maybe I should be heading in the direction of researching Kabbalah… in retrospect of my entire life interest of astrology. You know, I often feel that I was a fortune teller in the 1920s. Every time I dream about it—I see myself in the full outfit—mood rings, stones, candles galore, often dreaming by the glass ball, and so in tune with my intuition and pick up energy every where (if my chakras are cleared). I don’t know, but maybe there’s signs all over the place… and it’s finally time for me to pick up that. What if I become a Jewish fortune teller? Or Jewish Mystical person / philosopher… it goes all along with the writing, creativity and the like. It all goes hand in hand. I think. 

True story: my great-great grandma (I think it is 2-greats) read my grandma’s fortune through coffee grounds. Told her she’d have lots of keys/rooms, and she ended up with a restaurant and an apartment building in the 1950s. So, telling fortunes is in my family, I wish I knew more about this but I don’t.

I think it’d be really helpful to gain enough spirit-intuition to help solve unsolved mysteries. The dead need to be put to rest, they need someone on their side, so does their family who’s still waiting for answers. I think it would be putting that kind of work to good use doing something like that…. and I think it does help that I am almost always right when I’m watching a true crime show on TV and I pick out the murderer right away.

“Mysticism is the quest for the ultimate meaning of life.” 

Ahava is out to change the world. If the many doors—the ones that’s settled—just won’t open, she’ll just make a new door. If an opportunity isn’t there—she’ll make one. Onnnne way or another… or a thousand ways through a thousand different doors and windows and the sky is the limit….

Stay tuned for more… as I channel my very inner-inner soul and all. 

Love Always, 
Karen Maeby (Ahava)  

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