[Shabbat Edition 014]


What a week it’s been. Nothing compared to the 3 weeks that I worked Next Fall where I literally had zero time to breathe or do anything, but still, pretty darn busy with the same tight schedule between work and rehearsals.

Random story from yesterday (4th of July): So–like the rest of this week–I’ve been having some really weird dreams in the morning..but this time, I wake up, and with a song in my head. The song? Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max. I really do not know what made me tune into that for waking up… but uhhhh. So there’s that. It’s definitely catchy…if anything.

4th of July: You know, from Legally Blonde 2, Jennifer Coolidge’s character says: “Oh my G-d! You look like the 4th of July! Makes me want a hotdog real bad.” That was literally the second quote in my head yesterday, so I went and got a hotdog. Had to.

I am beginning to worry about why I have all these things to pop in and out of my head! The mind of a writer, I swear, we’re all cray cray.

A small synopsis

Last Saturday, I got a lot done personally, and at the theatre. I was with a friend and I said I wanted ice-cream, but instead, we went to the bar my theatre family frequents after late night shows… but this was in the middle of the day…. I still wanted ice-cream. Alas, the margarita was good and so was the ice chips… and they had ten thousand desserts there too… cheese cake, berry salad, something else.. reminds me that I need to get some more cinnamon whiskey for my new “one shot a night before bed” routine. Maybe I can bring some for SOAs backstage after each show is over. New tradition?

Sunday I got a chance to walk in the evening. Monday through Wednesday we had really long rehearsals. I was really scared about these rehearsals, I was anticipating issues from seeing them the week before, but both Monday (the first day of all 10 plays in order) went very well as far as the first day goes. Second day: I gave everyone their stage assignments and they did well with helping for not having the last prior. Wednesday: everyone helped and it went smoothly. I was amazed. Someone that is now helping me was impressed at my notes (perfected to the tee) for each play, how it’s going to be organized at the CH and the exact location of where everything goes…it’s like, you can’t look at those notes and tell me that I don’t belong married to the SOAs or any one-act play festival. I want to do that for the rest of my life. Anyway, Wednesday after each play got their chance to rehearse–I packed up their props and furniture, one by one, and then drug everything to the middle of the floor so that I wouldn’t have to come back on my days off to do anything. This Saturday we are at the theatre at 9am to pack the truck to move to the CH, then starts lights/spike day Sunday, and the next two weeks non stop.

Lessons Learned

Taking time off is really important. (I’m getting super selfish about this.)

The feeling I had when I read my first really horrible anti-semite thing on Twitter (first, meaning, after becoming a Jew)…an actor–who had millions of followers and was validated with the blue checkmark by Twitter– wrote “now lets kill some Jews” … I, like a lot of others, hit “report abuse” and finally many hours later, he was kicked off of there. That was so scary.

Love: Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe are GOALS! —- Everyone’s posting about them, so am I. Beautiful couple, everyone deserves that.

Saw this on Twitter too, right after Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe goals: “I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but you deserve a partner who cheerleads your work, who champions your goals, who relentlessly talks up your talent and your kindness and your skills.” >> Yes, please.

Events / Special Moments

Got to have lunch with a friend to meet that friend’s friend which may be a great connection in the future.

4th of July… even though this holiday has really lost its luster. Even though I haven’t really been able to enjoy fireworks most of my life but this year is kind of even worse when I read about what was being prepped for the nation’s parade (ugh, a little scary there) and what’s happening with the whole ‘never again – the USA may have concentration camps.’ You see, I’m trying my best not to write about that because a lot of things I’ve written (even if it’s just randomly made up fiction) has come true… and I had a dream in 2010–back when I lived in NC–about a Holocaust here. I was definitely in line because I was everything they didn’t want living here. I don’t remember anything else and I don’t really want to go back and find where I wrote that down. I used to live in a place full of fear mongers and negativity where “end of the world” was a constant thing. It was hard to adjust to the “real world” after getting away from it, but I used to fear for that–for my life–because of never having experienced life. I’ve had the best year and half I’ve ever had in my life… and now that I’m back home with a Jewish soul, if I die tomorrow, I am hopeful to know I will be going back with the souls who are close to mine… on another planet, to rest, and to either come back in another life time or leave permanently. I honestly think my soul is done. I feel like I’ve been here in 1700s during the Mozart days, in the 1920s, somewhere in between the 1950s-70s and then I’m here now…. so I ultimately feel like my soul is a 120 years old, and it’s getting to that point where it needs a more permanent rest. But other than… wanting to channel in Abraham Lincoln and humming the Hamilton songs in my head… that was my 4th. Being super concerned about what’s happening as the past is creeping up in our future covering up every single move ahead we get. Oy vey.

What am I looking forward to this week?

Going to Shabbat, since it’ll be the last for a few weeks…

THEN, THE SUMMER ONE ACTS, OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting all year for this to happen, and finally, we’re just days away from our performances!

Love Always,
Karen Maeby (Ahava)

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