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Did you remember to say ‘rabbit rabbit rabbit’ this morning? First of the month.. it means good luck! In other news… even tho I woke up and said that, my throat is a little scratchy, and I’m not feeling so hot. Not a good week to be feeling this way with super long rehearsals the next 3 nights. Oy vey.

First things first, weekend notes:

-I had this crazy-insane burst of energy where I was able to throw myself into getting a lot of work done for the entire weekend almost non-stop.
-Early Sat/Sun/Mon mornings: I had some crazy, crazy, crazy dreams where I actually woke up and said to myself, “That was every bit of something crazy,” and then, I went back to sleep.
-I am ecstatic that I got to listen to my shows–the ones that I’ve been listening to since I was 12 years old–LIVE via a radio (yes, one that still has a cassette player, thankyouverymuch) on NPR this weekend instead of via podcast or a later listen…can I get a hallelujah?
-Found a rainbow colored planner for Aug 2019 thru 2020 that says “organized chaos” … yep… saw it, loved it, bought it, so totes Ahava.

This is very big news: I am half way through reading Anne Frank’s compilation of her short fiction/non-fiction stories, and you won’t believe what happened….. so in one of her fiction stories she writes about meeting a famous movie star family in Hollywood, staying with, and becoming good friends with the family. In 2016/17, I started writing a novel with Anne Frank being an important part of it. Well, I stopped writing on it, because I got to the difficult part where I didn’t know–even though it is fiction–if I wanted to save her and mess with history or let history be. It’s bothered me this whole time, and I haven’t been able to go back to it. Well, while reading that chapter in her book, she–herself–gave me an idea (even though, parts of the question still remain) and I feel like… finally, maybe… I can finish the story by the end of the year…. and it will in thanks to her, as she was the one who gave me the answer I was looking for. Funny how things happen if you leave them alone for a while.. suddenly, at the right timing, the answers there.

Some time in August I will be revamping this website to be specific to what my future branding will look like as JewishMaeby. Updating everything–and hopefully opening a store (even tho it’ll be very small at the beginning). I’m obviously going to continue writing, but I need to figure out how to separate these blog entries (‘dear diary’) vs. important other events to do with Judaism, my journey, holidays, book reviews. The biggest part that I want to promo will be my mitzvah projects. I want to do/be a part of and promo at least 10 before the end of 2019, and get 25 on my map for 2020. This is something my future Jewish group will be doing as well….once I find the time to start that.


The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience has officially moved to NOLA, and will be opening in 2020. I will make it a goal–that no matter what–I will make it to visit this museum sometime in 2020. You can read about their move HERE.

Everyone’s talking about Toy Story 4. HERE (Kveller) you can find what’s Jewish about Toy Story. I don’t know if I’m going to go to see it, I mean, I haven’t been to the movies in so many years… but again, TS3 broke my heart beyond repair. So there’s that.

Quote by Gal Gadot – “It’s just who I am. I believe that we have no place to hide or lie.”

One of the daily questions from (over the weekend) was: What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? Very good question. Think about it….then go ahead and pretend no one is judging you…. become your authentic self. Everyone that loves you deserves to see all of you. Yes, you’d become very vulnerable at that point—but is it really worth it to hide? Life’s so short.

Email from… I knew about this was from a while ago… but very, very disappointed to see that DC Dyke March banned Jewish people from displaying Israeli Pride flags. That’s such an antisemite move.

I’m happy to see that the Tampa Jewish Federation has changed their name, and they’re adding educational type classes to their list. Yes, they’re already on my calendar.

The Forward brought up how Spike Lee talks about Jews in his movie Do the Right Thing. I loved that movie. It is very, very controversial. Very life changing, if you get a group together to discuss the underlying tones. Very poetic. Deep. The one instance that changed me is that they mention the weather being hot but it’s kind of in context to something else, like the heat is another word for something bad is about to happen. I really need to re-read this article they just wrote.

I love this Jewish Convert story. Please read if you have time. It’s by someone that writes articles on… one of my favorite newsletters.

Rabbis to follow on Twitter. (Left here for me, mostly.)

Okay I guess that’s all for now…. I’m no where near caught up, but maybe you are? I highly doubt I’ll be writing the rest of the week until my weekly Shabbat entry. Have a wonderful week, y’all.

Love Always,
Karen Maeby (Ahava)

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