This one’s for Shavuot.

I have only five seconds to write this. I’ve been in rehearsal working the most intense show I’ve ever worked in the history of my last 3 years of doing theatre…and I wasn’t even originally scheduled to work this show. I have zero time for anything else, and I have been using my lunch break to run errands or catch up on personal things. I haven’t even been getting home until close to midnight for the last week…. only really giving me about less than 5 hours of sleep per night the last week as well.

Happy Shavuot (I know I’m a few days early) but I am not going to be able to write about it until a couple weeks after it’s over. I’m bringing cheesecake on Saturday for the cast/crew, so I can (sort of) celebrate since we have two shows and we’ll be there from 11a-11pm. I hope I get a few moments on Sunday to read Ruth. I wish I could go to CBI for the service, but I have a show during the time of.

I’m making a thousand notes (all over my 70 page script that I’m following along backstage) of updates for here when I get a chance to make a daily appearance again. I’ve already thought of a brand new play, a new monologue and we haven’t even started performances yet.

with the tip of my pen
and the signature within, i kiss you
when the ink flows
on the paper and my words
from my heart to yours
filling stories of truth–that we together–
feel within
and on this day of Shavuot
we stay up learning of our people

while eating ice-cream and cheesecake
and our souls speak to one another
carrying out the truest of love
as we reflect upon one another
and all the things that scare us the most
bringing out the fear in us,
bringing out all the things we need to fix
leaving us amidst the world of confusion
of what to do, and always making us wonder
do we belong to one another?
and if so….will things change?
or will we keep them the same?
time doesn’t last forever,
but destiny does… as we look in one another’s eyes.

Love Always,
Karen Maeby

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