[Shabbat Edition 012]


Once again, let’s say it in unison… THANK GOODNESS IT’S FRIDAY. Embrace me with all you’ve got, day of Shabbat.

Wow. So I noticed I only wrote two entries this week. I’m seriously slacking! But I’ve also had nothing to say, really–luckily–because I’m having too many issues with my hands/wrists at the moment. It’s way, way, way too painful to write or type. Oy. It has felt like someone was smashing my hands with a hammer.

I’m also probably committing some kind of a sin as I’m writing this post (on a Thursday evening) while eating a (strawberry? cherry?) Santa sucker from December when I helped out with the Jrs Coal. I hope suckers don’t have an expiration date. Otherwise, I’m in trouble.

A small synopsis

I spent all day Sunday from 7ish to 3 or 4pm getting caught up at work, then went to auditions day 1 for the SOAs. Monday I went to work (ugh, Mondays), left early to go to a meeting for ReadOut, then auditions day 2. That’s when I got to pick up the scripts, since I’ll be doing the same thing as last year. Tuesday I don’t remember, but busy working all day. Wednesday I worked and had to leave early to go downtown to meet with my Intro to J class (previous entry). Thursday was finally a little relief from catching up….and I couldn’t wait until today when I finally get to leave for lunch instead of skipping it or getting it on the fly….which brings me to, it’s Friday, my favorite day and my day of tradition that I need to honor.

Also, Thursday… I finished She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. Oh, and it has been a week since I have not watched any TV. I am in celebration mode….and one more thing… I started using Google calendars through my iPhone. Yuck. I hate it, but it’s kind of, well, there…. more so than paper and highlighters. So… but now my podcasts app won’t even open up. I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s annoying.

Lessons Learned

Sometimes it’s better to just walk away.

Soul energy is everything. The energy you receive from serious eye contact is everything. The energy one sends through the depths of the sweet Earth is also everything…it really sucks when it feels like the planets are disarrayed and the stars are missing in the sky and you see 1234+1111 but… that’s it…and you don’t know what you’re feeling, or if you’re feeling what you think you’re feeling….or connecting with the energy you need to in order to feel…..or something? Such confusion!

What you put out in the world is what you get back…. DO GOOD DEEDS, make people happy, love… love… love !!!

Event/Special Moments

Our class meeting at Meze119 & going to the Holocaust Museum, and finding out when we can convert.

A moment that happened while at Monday’s meeting. Actually, maybe two moments.

Wednesday was Harvey Milk day.

It is also Lag BaOmer….and way, way, way too hot to have a bonfire….and since it’s summer I’m growing my hair out, so no hair cut for me! Oh and I guess it’s a day for love too? I’ve got plenty of that to go around.

What am I looking forward to this week? 

Getting back at my tradition… and a reminder to myself (since I only seem to remember if I write things down) to get original Cake Bites. I’ve been dying to try, but have forgotten every single time.

Saturday I’m having lunch with two of my friends at my usual taco spot.

Ohhhh snap, HAVING A MONDAY OFF OF WORK. I have plans of doing nada.

Another meeting with ReadOut.

Pride March & Flag Raising on the 30th, then the ArtOut.

All of the 5,000,000 (kidding about the amount, sort of) books I ordered are arriving this week!!!! I am going to have to reorganize my bookshelf so I can fit all of my Jewish books on it.

Planning and plotting… for what? I don’t know.

Well, I guess that’s it. Have a wonderful day.

Love Always,
Karen Maeby

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