I’m such a book nerd!

So, I’m apparently returning to my teen years where I get lost in book after book after book after book. That’s okay, right? Better to be a lit addict than anything else. I have definitely found out that reading and exploring word is such a huge thing in Judaism. That’s why I love it so much.

I did a thing today. I ordered more books. Yes, yes; I just bought 10 books while out of town but I ordered like 400 more. Okay. Maybe not that many, but….quite a few. I accidentally found thriftbooks.com and then I was a goner. That’s what happened. Oops. And, to top it all off…. I did get the cheaper of each book, but I wanted to smell that old book smell and see if there’s any writing in the books. Do you guys ever do that? I like a nice and clean book just like the next person, but there’s something about having markings from the previous owner.

I bought 5 more of Leslea Newman’s books (yes, for goodness sakes, I will never stop talking about her). One of them is really, really important: her Write From the Heart book. Since I love her style and I write almost like her in some forms, I know reading that will give me some inspiration.

I went ahead and got Goodbye Columbus, because I couldn’t wait. A Jewish history book, Joys of Yiddish, In the Catskills (OMG… MRS MAISEL!), The Modern Jewish Girls Guide to Guilt, Best Contemp Jewish Writing & The Woman Who Lost Her Names. The last book is Twice Blessed, which was discussed at CBI’s Pride Shabbat last year.

My entire library is going to consist of nothing but Jewish books one day and I will be quite okay with that. I’ve also decided that even though I’ll be writing about just about anything because I am the president of a writer’s group that does film / theatre scripts, poetry, monologues, etc. I definitely want to cover my insane love for becoming / being a Jewish soul / my journey / everything to do with Judaism. I had someone to reply to me on Instagram last week where I reached out and said I wanted to be one of those who brings Jewishness into film and books for the world to see and I’m a future convert. A few of them said – GO AND DO THE THINGS + they are 100% behind me. Yay, hashtag support from strangers!

I gotta start walking the walk. Or running the walk way.

PS – Super duper excited and up so very late hyper-like because I have 10 scripts in my hand for the SOAs. I am doing the same thing as last year: organizing the whole shebang (props/stage). I can’t wait.

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