Tallit (poem)

by Karen Maeby © 2019

You–my darling–hid the love in your eyes,
the lingering stare, that smile,
I can still see it in my dreams.
It’s really not fair you walked away.
Why’d you leave without saying goodbye?
You’ve been with me in my mind
since the day G-d should bless the world with our births
he split us up, so we’d learn how to love again
the way we should and deserve.

It seems, you stepped off the train….
thru this life-long journey that’s about to end
with the night stars on Shabbat Havadah.
You left memories behind:
your Jewish star,
the tallit you wrapped around my soul
as we thanked G-d over and over and over
that we came into each other’s lives
even though it was the wrong time, it was the right time
but you must’ve not thought so.
Why’d you have to go?

The songs you sang to me as we lit the candles
and we watched together–holding hands–
as the wax falls down and the candle shrinks
on Shabbat, why? You already forgot?
You lit me on fire, and you left my heart
to write poetry out of desire.
Your hugs left me very complete,
as did every given Jewish holiday we celebrated.
That was enough….for then.

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