Ready to go bye-bye.

I’m alive, and that weird mysterious chemical burn on my face is almost healed…which is a complete miracle because from Thursday to yesterday it looked like Edward Scissorhands got a hold of me and then I was a song on Skid Row and nearly being attacked by Audrey II the evil eating plant. Thank G-d I caught it when I did. I can’t help but think how weird it was that the skin on my face was literally burnt off on Yom HaShoah, though, with no good reason or explanation. So messed up. I almost think it was a reminder for me of what our ancestors went through and to be thankful to be alive and in good health…where it would heal as quickly as it did.

I’m so checked out of everything. I don’t want to do anything but go on vacation. Two more days. Two more days. Two more days. I’m doing bare minimum until then, and even at that point, I’m literally FORCING myself uuugggh! I think this is a lesson to myself to not let it get this way again. I should use Shabbat wisely, and take time off throughout the year instead of working 100s of days straight in a row until the stress kills me and only taking time off once a year. Even taking a day off every few months to do something fun I really need to do. More changes coming soon. Oy. I can’t live a happy Jewish life if I am miserable.

I’ve been looking at the Jewish Fed calendar from back home but there’s nothing really going on when I’m there. I might be able to attend Shabbat but that’s probably it, if anything. I would love to go and talk to the professors at UK to see what I can find out about their Jewish Studies program just to see what’s up. There’s also a pizza joint that’s in an old synagogue and I want to try to go to that. Oh and maybe go through the local graveyard and put rocks on Jewish people’s graves to remember them by.

I’ve been thinking a whole lot the last few days about where my journey should take me once I’ve converted and since my class is over. There’s an entire world out there but I really don’t know. I need some help from my trusted family. Maybe I can talk to them soonish about this or when I get back…to see if they have any suggestions of a path for me. I’m not sure if I have a continued path here past next year, but anything could happen. I’m open for anything….and open to try things again if so should be it.

There’s still only two things I want in my life: everything Jewish + writing / performance world.

Either way, I have a lot of Jewish magazines to take with me and catching up on reading to do. I am hoping to have several posts drafted out for here or at least to update about the fun stuff from vacay, and work on my book! That’s the most important thing now… getting my book done and out there!

Love always,
Karen Maeby

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