UPDATE: Shabbat Shalom y’all!

TGIF…or else I would die. I sure love my Fridays, especially when I’m doing something different. The movie shoot is today – the one I thought I would get to stage manage – no, not doing that. I’m actually going to be IN it! Whoa. About a two hour countdown….

I don’t have much to report or sum up from the week. I already wrote about how amazing the 1st Seder and how delicious the food was, the weekend I literally just slept, I didn’t have class on Wednesday due to the bbq going on, been cleaning (toss, sell, keep/pack), I have written a lot between stories and counting the Omer, read the book mentioned prior to this entry and still have a million feelings regarding that. 

Anyway. That’s about it. I’m going to go and finish getting ready to be some sort of backstage extra star….I’m going to make sure the camera gets captures my best glittery moment. Ha. I’m really not that selfish. Bye. 

Happy Friday – Shabbat Shalom – I Love You! 

Love always, Karen Maeby 

Update: since I write non-related but sort of related Jewish based life things on Fridays… I must give an update about today. The shoot was from 10-7. I am tired. Been a good day full of everything happens for a reason. Had several discussions about things I’ve been pondering about life this week. I might have some answers tomorrow. One person said to me “you’re a writer???? I knew there was something special about you but I couldn’t quite place it.” He wanted to know more about me. Again with the intrigued word! We talked a bit then I mentioned about my Jewish journey and it came back around.

EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! You meet people for a reason. You have experiences for a reason. Everything is a reason. And tomorrow I might find one of those reasons.

Here’s a b&w picture of me wearing a fabulous bright blue sequin jacket and red boa. The jacket found me. The glitter finds me anyhow. We had pizza for lunch and now it’s dinner, I am fetching tacos and preparing for tomorrow’s meeting. Please wish me all the luck in the world.

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