Pharaoh’s Jewels (a sort of Passover poem)

her cold and distant repertoire has silenced my soul
it’s poetry month
she cut the words right out of my soul
and it’s poetry month
she won! it’s done!
is she happy? is she satisfied?
how about we throw a party… it’s poetry month.

she’s the diamond that stole the pharaoh’s jewels!
it’s Passover
the kids are too distracted
to find the matzah, way too distracted
to concentrate and learn our story of Egypt.
they’d rather search for the pharaoh’s jewels instead.

It’s annoying. I am a slave to the jewel thief.
I am over-consumed by the energy sent
through the waves of the Earth,
no matter how hard the brick wall goes up
our thoughts intertwined: we wine, and we dine at sunset
all the time, all the time.
It’s poetry month, and everything has to rhyme.

the diamond in the rough smiles within,
like a trophy, she holds the jewels close to her heart.
not expecting to feel this guilty deep inside.
in time, she returns to the pyramid at midnight,
drops the jewels, and runs to a higher place…
hoping that G-d will forgive her at Rosh Hashanah.

it was never supposed to be like this!
it’s poetry month
did the universe and stars plan it this way?
and it’s poetry month
she’s my diamond, and those were my jewels.
from that; she sewed the color into my life.
our silence cuts me as deep as a knife… it’s poetry month.

[Inspiration Notes/Poetry Explanation: In the 2-night prayer class at TBE, the Rabbi mentioned that Jewish text often speaks in metaphors and symbolism. Well, I have always been the Queen of Metaphors + Symbolism when it comes to writing poetry. The overall truth to this poem is trying to recover from being deeply hurt. “cut the words right out of my soul” = not being able to write poetry when it’s poetry month. A writer’s block so to speak (the brick wall), brick wall also literally meaning shutting down the soul. Diamond/Jewels represent something very important–more than the rest–that should not be taken for granted. “Hoping that G-d will forgive at Rosh Hashanah” = yes, I realize that you should ask forgiveness at Yom Kippur, but saying R/H is more symbolism for a brand new start being the new year. 3rd stanza = the hurt stays even through the beauty, also meaning: forgiveness/forgetfulness is on the mind. “sewed the color into my life” = when a person brings something to ones life that was obviously missing.]

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