[The Shabbat Edition 007]

I feel like I should be super sleuthy or something with this Shabbat entry being 007. See what I did there? Too bad I really truly don’t care for the James Bond series. And I’m too exhausted to make any more jokes.

IN OTHER WORDS: Shabbat Shalom! <3 <3 <3

I am so happy it is Friday, because it totally feels like it’s been years since I’ve seen my favorite day. I think I need to go to Shabbat Service tonight since I feel that way. Somethings amiss!

A Small Synopsis

This week has been pretty fair to me. Usually I feel the let down and post-depression after a show ends, but I’ve faired well by focusing on the spring cleaning that I previously mentioned. It is also the end of the month, so work has been crazy. I’m still glowing from the Purim Spiel, though, and the lyrics are still in my brain! I also had a really strange dream (that seemed so real) about a play that I am starting to write. It was the strangest thing. Ever, ever.

Lessons Learned

This is actually a literal thing – I took my 1st of 2 classes for learning about the Jewish prayer book tonight from TBE. I really like it. Of course, the Rabbi wanted to know my story / my journey of how I came to terms with wanting to convert…. when I started this blog (my very first entry) only told the piece of what I told my aunt before she died. After telling my story tonight, I think I am going to write and post my full story next week…so make sure you look for it.

Everything happens for a reason / you meet people for a reason….. A few days ago, I read my horoscope and it said ‘someone from your past will resurface’ and that’s all I really remember. I just happened to think about my Twitter account that I haven’t logged into since forever… and had a message from someone I haven’t talked to since I lived in North Carolina. Turns out, this person is Jewish, and we’ve been discussing that since we reconnected. I had no idea whatsoever of this news when we first talked years ago.

Event/Special Moments

I don’t think I have anything to add here, but I will the next couple of weeks.

What am I looking forward to this week? 

I am trying my best to get on *my* matzo ball soup (and super sacred writing time) schedule once again, but it’s not working out…. Today I have something to do on the complete opposite end of town regarding something else I want to do.

More spring cleaning, reading, and going to a car show / art show sometime this weekend.

Writing….. because I am finally getting some new ideas.

Monday begins April: and it is also poetry month… so I have given myself an assignment. Write 3 poems a day regarding notable events that is listed on the dates (like April 1, 2, 3 – 30) on Wikipedia. That way… 30 days, 3 poems = 90 and then I can find 10 more from my past and publish it in a book collection. It’s been far too many years since I’ve published a book. No more excuses.

I am also looking forward to the 2nd class of TBE, my actual class with my Rabbi, and possibly attending some more events… I’m looking at signing up for mitzvah day from TBS up north since I’ve practically missed everyone else’s around here due to previous commitments.

MY CALENDAR IS BACK IN ACTION. Meaning… I’m writing in dates and seeing what days I have open and filling them with all the good things…. like, fun Jewish things, or theatre and art things… all the things… BUT I am still NOT doing what I have done in the past… only in moderation, so I don’t end up in a tizzy.


And to conclude this entry, I have been thinking (and over thinking) about how I can help others while on my now journey towards conversion and what to do with myself afterwards (with the knowledge and feeling I’ll have). Like, what am I? A writer. An artist. Someone who will help someone by telling stories and guiding them through shows of the theatre? Someone who reaches out to others that have questions and gives a helping hand? I really want to play an important part of this Jewish community. Be like someone that people can go to, and count on, maybe for events and the like… since I’m so in love with events and it’s like my thing. But I also love people and their stories.. and want to connect… and do ALL THE THINGS in this world, because my goodness, I have 30 years to make up for it all. There’s so much to be involved in from synagogue to synagogue (and trust me, I want to visit all of them) to events they have to all the classes to eventually joining a MahJongg group (yes, yes, yes) to learning all about the food and what it truly means to be Kosher and my desire to learn to cater and etc there to the Holocaust Museum and so much more… also, traveling around the US to go to important places including Jewish Museums, the famous and most oldest of the synagogues, and for the various places that support LGBTQ Jews (JQ/Keshet)…And right now, for what it’s worth–for what I can do with my schedule–I’m attending what I can and I’m enjoying it all, taking in every experience… so I can share it… and it be a part of my forever journey…and here I am, trying to document it here.

I love you~ always and forever ~a lovely Shabbat to you.
Karen Maeby

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