I’ve been thinking a lot about Egypt today as Passover grows nearer and nearer. It’s so strange, this: for 30 years, not thinking about any religious context at all, and now it’s almost becoming an every day or every thought occurrence. I think it had something to do with yesterday’s class as two of our told our ‘coming to terms with G-d’ moment and the Rabbi saying ‘God is everywhere.’ I like that. Through everything, he is there, and that’s not anywhere close to the response I used to receive. You don’t have to talk about it or think it at every moment, go about your day, and just trust. Do good, be good, trust. It’s as simple as that. I also think it has more to do with Judaism is just “life” and you don’t have to put the brakes on life (except Shabbat) to accept the living, being and doing.

Anyway, multi story time…


I was looking for a rerun of something on Hulu to fall asleep to… and I found The Prince of Egypt. (I don’t remember the source now, but I had seen somewhere on social media where this person said ‘now what’ll be playing for the next month is The Prince of Egypt soundtrack’…) So, I went to bed listening to it.

The first time I had ever watched it was on my 8th grade bus trip to Washington DC. Yes, I plainly remember that. I remember sitting in the bus seat and watching. I can still see myself there. It’s crazy. What’s even crazier is the fact that my favorite song in that era was When You Believe… literally–and–when I didn’t…. but obviously something was there. It might be safe to say, I watched The Prince of Egypt, but I didn’t really… see it…. and I loved the song, but didn’t really understand it. Now that everything is coming around, it really makes sense.


All week, besides the left over music in my head from our Purim Spiel, there’s another song that’s been playing on repeat… Go Down Moses. In my high school choir I was first introduced to the song in my freshmen year I believe. We sang it for our spring concerts and maybe a few times when we went to choir events or contests. After singing it the first time, it instantly became my favorite, so I was always happy when we’d often repeat using that song throughout all of my four years in choir. And again, I am most certain–in the Jewish context–I had no idea what this song meant…now I’m getting a feel for it, and it means something, and once again… another song that was close my heart and I didn’t find the meaning until now. Absolutely insane.


It is also the season to watch the Rugrats Passover episode… which is on Hulu. Yet another thing in my life that I loved, but didn’t really realize… Rugrats was the only cartoon that really did anything Jewish (Hanukkah and Passover) in the 90s. Rugrats was and still is my most favorite cartoon on the planet. I don’t care that you know I’m 32 and I still watch it. Pffft.


More thinking on my journey while at my meeting earlier today…. Judaism has lots and lots of holidays and themed ones at that. It’s all about the experiences: not only can you do something, but you feel it as well. I am enjoying creating my own memories and traditions, and knowing what plans to look forward to next year….because, of course, you don’t have to do the same thing every time…that’s the beauty of it.

Karen Maeby

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