[The Shabbat Edition 006]

Just got home from rehearsal (writing this SUPER late Thursday night). I am spent. This’ll be a quick Shabbat edition.

Happy Shabbat. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

A Small Synopsis

Other than work, go to my class, and rehearsal–I have been doing nothing but reading. I should be working on my writer’s group work, but I am all out of creativity right now, unfortunately. The other thing that’s been occupying my mind is the Purim Spiel.

Last year at Purim I wasn’t fully on my Jewish Journey, so I didn’t really know what all went into the holiday… but Purim? It. Is. Fantastic. I have been living/breathing the Purim Spiel the last several weeks. I have been in the mood for celebration, mostly because some sort of peace offering and reconciliation has occurred on several stances. I am so very happy, and I am definitely looking forward to moving in a more positive direction with everything I have going on in my life.

Lessons Learned

-If you repeatedly do the same thing and expecting the same result… it does not work. Fix and repair. Fix and repair. I’m doing something a little different this time, and it seems to be working.

-Anxiety is real and mine was complete nonsense due to slight misunderstandings. It was just something I had to figure out on my own and at my own timing.

-When someone fears judgement or is scared (whether it’s feelings or their own truths) they will say one thing and do another while completely hiding how they really feel about the situation.

-Love is stronger than anything else in this world, so are true connections. People still meet people for a reason. Coincidences aren’t just coincidences.

Event/Special Moments

This entire week has been about Purim. On Wednesday, I went to my Jewish class and we talked about death, then went straight into Purim. On the death note: I am so happy to see that my thoughts on how life should be celebrated or thought out in the end aligns with Judaism. Also, if you’re looking for another good podcast to listen to: “a good end” talks about death in Judaism. It’s a wonderful podcast.

The Purim service was an amazing experience for my first time. The only thing that drove me crazy (which I get the point): every time Haman’s name is mentioned, we have to shake these noisemakers because we dislike him for almost killing us. Well, if we believed in a hell, I’d be going, because it sounded like “more cowbell” at a baseball game. Oy. I just don’t like noise.

I have had so much fun with my new TBI family over this Purim Spiel. We’ve had a lot of laughs and serious moments while watching everything come together. I really love this group of amazing people–they treat me with respect, bringing me in on conversations or just updating me about what happened while I was gone yesterday, and so much more. I really need to work on a poem for them, so they can remember these moments by.

What am I looking forward to this week? 

-The Purim Spiel, even though after this weekend, it’ll be over….and I’m really truly going to miss everyone with every fibre of my being.

-More matzo ball soup.

-More reading. And hopefully writing.


Have a wonderful Shabbat!

Love Always, Karen Maeby

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