Three (a poem)

This poem was written on 3/31/2012. It was originally written for a dedicated poetry website that had a posted theme of “nightmares”. I have had a lot of nightmares about the Holocaust and the sirens. This is just one of them picked out in poetry format.

Three, 3/31/2012 © Karen Maeby

Some say all things come in threes
“tweedle dee dee” I think so myself,
as I try to figure out the next one or two
when three isn’t here yet.
Often times, it’s something I regret
when I don’t believe all things come in three.  

Close my eyes and sing a tune
I’m in choir; we’re practicing for a big concert
“Inscriptions of Hope,” we sing
trying to nail every single note:
hit it hard! get it right! nail it!
The choir director chants at us.

Open my eyes, a cloud of smoke
and somethings on fire:
internal desire.

Lost – and looking around –
never finding what I was looking for
but never knowing what I was looking for in the beginning.
Opening every single door
to every single room.
I couldn’t find anything or anyone.

I find myself chasing a bus,
then I was suddenly in front of it
and he moved me over with the bus.

Distracted by this,
the bus driver finally stopped
to pick me up. No apologies,
just panicking about his own thing.
Panic attack number five and he was out –
in came his replacement.

Jeffrey Tambor:
was the driver, he hopped in a red corvette
and some strange men drove him away.

Dial 911 – I shiver all over my body
when I hear that particular siren:
the Holocaust.  Although, I had never been
there, it felt like I was in another time
I can’t think, I panic
and my heart drops below sea level.

Experience doesn’t mean
you’ve always got to be there,
it just means you’ve traveled through.

Singing a song
that I know all the words to –
while burying myself under the blanket
“no more dreams like this,” I exclaim.
Nightmares, definitely nightmares
and I wake up feeling the same.

What a fool, what a fool –
I am to believe that
these nightmares come true:
what to do, what do I do?
Analyze and depict the message –
only to know, I’ve been there – familiarity.  

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