[The Shabbat Edition 005]


You know what time it is!
especially if your name is Friday,
or if you love Fridays as much as I do.



Thursday afternoon: it’s a good thing I’ve written on this bits and pieces all week, because my energy is drained so much. I thought I was getting better with just 1.5 days of feeling icky but not true. Sore throat, no energy, freezing & burning up at the same time, a terrible headache and shaking really, really badly. Please send positive vibes.

A Small Large Synopsis… since I’ve barely been seen all week. I apologize.

-Friday night was the art show and I already wrote about that. Saturday night I ended up at the TS talent show where it was a country/western theme. A few members of my theatre family performed. One sang & acted, another only sang (first time hearing him and he was good!), and the other lip-synced dressed as Dolly Parton (that was hilarious). That was it for the night out. I loved their stage though – they have this fancy glittery curtain that I couldn’t take my eyes off of… sure hope I can do a show there with my group one day. I will target them until they say yes (PUSH: pursue until something happens.) Make ways upon that Glittery stage.

-Sunday: Long rehearsal for Purim Spiel went okay, I think I mentioned that. Later that night, I painted before bed (literally the last post on my Insta), and watched “Office Space” (a movie the guys at work always reference but I have never seen) then put my paints away for the last 30 mins of the movie… and fell asleep. So I have no idea how it ended. I just can’t do movies anymore.

-Monday evening following my almost explosion, I went into hiding and I finished the rest of Leslea Newman’s “Letter to Harvey Milk” book by reading the last few stories/chapters. What an amazing book (just like her other book!). I can honestly say that I have never, ever, ever loved an author as much as I do her. I’m super picky about what I read and what I end up liking, but you can feel just about every single emotion with her work! Amazing! I’ve seriously been searching all of my life for an author to be able to faithfully follow and I think I’ve found her. I really hope she comes back to this area again so I can give her a really big hug and say thank you…because I truthfully believe, if you find a writer that you just can’t wait to read what they write next, you need to tell them. You need to tell them that you love their work, if it’s life changing or helping you in some way….all of that is so important. It is not easy carrying this much emotion inside with everything we do. The majority of people can just walk away from anything without any feelings, but we? Writers? We’re left smothered in so many emotions that eventually turn into writings….whether it’s for us, or others….but we often have to endure the pain and thoughts first, and it is sometimes not the most pleasant of times. Then you end up here reading our work. So yes, if you have favorite author(s), let them know in some way, I know they’ll be grateful like I would.

-Tuesday: Apparently a film crew was shooting a movie about someone in the marina where my office is located. They were there off/on all day, even during the rain. They sat up for breakfast, then it rained and they tore it down. Came back several times in a couple of vehicles. Then came back for a large lunch with tables and buffet and all. At the top of the morn, my guys were like ‘THERE’S DONUTS DOWNSTAIRS’ and most of them went to eat donuts…. because–like the play I wrote for my show in November–donuts are not allowed in our office. I guess eating them 5 feet away from the door doesn’t count?

-Random thought: Can you be Jewish and like Jimmy Buffett? I’m listening to his music (a concert on his radio station) and what should come on? His song: Cheeseburger in Paradise. But! That ain’t Kosher! Oh jeez. I now have to rethink my whole life. PIVOT PPPIIIIIVVVVOOOTTT. … . . Just kidding. It’s only a song, I’m not eating cheeseburgers anymore, and it doesn’t even come close to being my favorite song of his. So I think I’m good. Shew.

Lessons Learned

-When you looking for an answer, look deep into your soul, because that’s where you’ll find it. I found answers to a lot of questions this week in old writings of mine. Who would’ve ever thunk that at some point my younger self would be teaching my older self some life lessons. I am confusing.

I also really need to start working on this section a whole more.

-My weird dreams are never going to end. The Universe loves sending me little love notes or warnings through my sleep…apparently!

Event/Special Moments

This also needs worked on. I need to starting doing something fun at least once a week. I’m getting around to being so lame and oh-so-borrrrring.

This might be considered special moments… I HAVE DOWNLOADED SO MUCH JEWISH MUSIC ON MY PHONE. Including…Shabbat series of songs, a Purim Spiel (yes, it is a kids thing/theme, shhhhh.), and Paul Shapiro’s “To Life” (which is freaking amazing turned up really, really, really loud with boom-boom bass because it is jaaaazzzzzzz, jazz, jazzzzzz my fave!!!)! Aaaaaahh. This whole thing makes me wonder if theatre wasn’t the gateway to finding my new Jewish life and I wasn’t supposed to find music again until I found my soul immersed in Judaism. There’s so much depth in that thought.

What am I looking forward to this week? 

-I AM TAKING OFF WORK ON SHABBAT NEXT WEEK. Let’s repeat that… I! AM! TAKING! OFF! WORK! ON! SHABBAT! NEXT! WEEK! omg. I get a day off! (yeah right) I can’t trick myself too much because it’s actually not really a day off…. My day will be starting at 4am and go until about 4-5pm, then Saturday too. (In fact, Thursday may run into Friday morning depends on what happens. It will be a long, long, long weekend.) But needless to say, I’m super duper excited that I get to spend my favorite day doing something different and not at work-work… I just wish I could get back my Fridays again, do something different, like I was trying to do. Fridays are super duper special. Fridays are for matzo ball soup. Fridays are meant to be spent how I want to spend it. I think for my sanity, I really need to redirect my Fridays back to that again. If only I can figure out how. Time, time, time.

-It isn’t this week but I’m looking forward to… PURIM! PURIM! PURIM! PURIM! I’m like a kid in a candy store. Last year all I did was read about it, this year I’m doing the things and even in a Purim show. I sincerely love this life. So much. My journey (especially learning about each event and finding things on my own… like the Purim Spiel on iTunes) is just so…. I can’t describe it. I’m bursting at the seams with just so much joy and excitement… it’s like I’m unlocking a secret inside that treasure chest that’s been in my closet (with me) my whole life and it was just the perfect timing for me to discover it.

-What am I not looking forward to? THE. TIME. CHANGE. *ultimate sad face* But that does mean I get to go back to walking every night and seeing the sunset! So, there’s that.

-That’s all folks. Much LOVE, Karen Maeby ♥️

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