She’s My Jewish Song (poem)

3/5/19 © Karen Maeby

fitted like a glove
she’s my king, my queen, my everything it seems

in the night, she sings me Hebrew lullabies
her voice: an angel straight from heaven
her arms wrapped tightly around me
like perfectly fitted armor for a knight

she’s the fruity pebbles and chocolate chip Hamantaschen
whichever I feel like at the time
she is by far the sweetest taste of apple and honey
that’s not just for the new year

she’s every bit of leslea newman’s stories, the ones that:
made my heart race, cheeks flush 50 shades of red,
and made me feel a million emotions at one time
all of these….down to every bit of the depths of my soul

she’s the one i’ve longed for since eternity:
like the days of mrs maisel at the catskills,
the jewish camp songs i never sang,
and being raised in a Yiddish-speaking family

she’s my Egypt:
the land I want to explore all the chances I can get
she’s my favorite time of the day: sunrise and sunset
and my favorite day of the week: Shabbat

she is the one i go to, to find my words, my inspiration,
our connection, her soul and divine

she is my jewish song

[The inspiration of this poem was brought on after finishing reading some books by my new favorite author, Leslea Newman. I loved the way she wrote her poetry and stories by using Jewish words and italicizing them (something that I did not do). My poem was written in general talking about my favorite things thus far in my journey, and of my favorite day–Shabbat–which is to welcome in the Bride during Shabbat Services. There’s something magical there to welcome your favorite day of the week, moment, or to discover something new that fits your life just perfectly. Not to mention a lot of this having to do with beliefs or connections from when I was a child finally making sense (like 1+1=2) while on this Jewish journey to discovery in my adult life. That is what this is about.]

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