[The Shabbat Edition 004]


Also, did you remember to say ‘rabbit, rabbit, rabbit’ this morning as you woke up? I sure hope so! I heard it brings you good luck for the month.

A Small Synopsis

-It rained at the beginning of the week and it threw me into a weird moody emotional state when I was actually doing really good. I literally can’t stand weather–it makes me crazy–and I hate it because it’s something I just cannot control at all. I go from 0 to cray in .1 second, then suddenly, I’m feeling 100,000 emotions and I have to get it out either by poetry or art or something before I explode like a volcano!! Anyway, there’s a song by Mr Jimmy Buffett that is titled “The weather is here I wish you were beautiful” and ever since my freshman year of high school I’ve thought of that song when weather is present. So there you are, a little fun fact for the day and start of a new month.

-I didn’t get to go see my uncle in Fort Myers (which is one of my most favorite places). It’s the end of the month, so I can’t really leave work because we always have to get invoices out at that time….even tho a trip down south would’ve been what the doctor ordered. Hopefully there’s a chance I can see him before he leaves next week, but we’ll see…

-At around almost this exact time, I realized it’s been 2 years since I had my right nostril pierced (and since I had my major, major, major midlife crisis. whew. that was rough but I survived). Back to the piercing: I kinda really miss having a little diamond in my nose, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be non-chicken enough to get it done again. I passed out shortly after. That moment was pretty scary because I was completely alone in Fort Myers and I was like one hour away from seeing To Kill a Mockingbird live on stage at the lovely repertory theatre! A little banana beer and soup at Ford’s Garage fixed me up. (Go ahead and question my choices, it worked for me at the time….) ……Back to the piercing 2.0: Although, I should probably do it before I convert (or 2nd ear piercing), because otherwise, as my own rule…. no more piercings once I’ve been converted. I know what the Torah says about piercings, but my feelings are on that felt-tip line.

Lessons Learned

-Cleaning helps one find things they are missing. Well, duh. 😛

-I am not good at making very, very, very big decisions on the fly anymore. Those used to be my best. I get an idea in my head and do it with no fear what so ever, no matter what it took… it was the small decisions that nearly broke me. Now it’s like reversed. Or something. It’s weird. I need to fix that situation right up. I’m not me without making those sort of plans and decisions!

Event/Special Moments

This past weekend was one of the best, ever. I went to the Jewish Food Festival and got to see my Rabbi being installed at our synagogue. It was wonderful. If you didn’t read about my experience, you can click here to do so. (I had a lot to say. As always.)

What am I looking forward to this week? 

-Tonight (Shabbat) I’ll be going to an art thingy for my WG-VP’s wife. I’ve always loved her art, would recognize it from anywhere–so I’m excited to go support her and the other artists!

-This weekend is supposed to be power-off with technology over Shabbat. That actually sounds really good. So I definitely want to power down at least on Saturday…. mostly because I need to clean, sort things, study, read and do a lot of catching up on everything. I will be very happy if I can get more than half of a to-do list done. Also, I think I almost have my first full weekend to myself again, minus Purim rehearsal Sun. Maybe I should work on Gypsy Lane again, so that I can publish that some time this year. It was so very close to being done when I stopped writing on it.

-I’m looking forward to Sunday’s long rehearsal for the Purim Spiel. Everyone will actually be together. I am also looking forward to helping with whatever needs to be done with stage design. Don’t know what, but it’s something to help with. Hard to believe about 3(?) more weeks and we will be performing.

-And actually, I really need to work on some more stories to put on here. I really wish I could share the 2nd short play / scene for the full length I’m working on… but since I’m putting it in my WG’s show, I can’t. Have to lead by example as I told my group no sharing our show work online. I am also hoping to finish the website very soon so I can link that up as well, because it’s time for me to announce the name of our group! I feel like I’ve been holding a secret inside for far too long.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week….HAVE A LOVELY DAY!

Love Always,
Karen Maeby

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