A Very Jewish Weekend

Going backwards in time (from Sunday, Saturday, Friday)…..(I am insanely dyslexic tonight with my words, so if anything doesn’t make sense, I am so sorry… it also doesn’t help that spell check on my computer keeps spell checking everything wrong, then it makes me hit the wrong button. I think my computer is possessed.) 

SUNDAY, AT 3PM: was the installation for my Rabbi! It was such a beautiful and wonderful ceremony. While listening to everyone speak, I was recollecting about my start…. how for the first six months was just trying to research places/things/feelings of Judaism, then in June I acted upon going to my (now) synagogue for the first time. I heard there was a new Rabbi in town, and so I literally went to that one Shabbat, then waited until his first Shabbat in July to return. I can’t believe that I became so lucky as to have found my way into this world shortly before he came along. Any sooner and it wouldn’t have been good, and any longer, it wouldn’t have been perfect timing. So to be in sitting in the synagogue and watching him being installed was just such an honor. His favorite music group was there and they were really good! Who would’ve ever thought coming from where I come from that I’d ever like bluegrass music… but the way they mixed bluegrass and Jewish sound was wonderful. After the ceremony was over, I ran into some family that I am ultimately grateful to have seen since I miss them very much, then I sat with my Intro to Judaism classmates and had dessert. I am… “desserted” out. I’m done with the sweets. Ugh! (I did not get any pictures of this event, though I should have at least caught our Rabbi up on stage being honored by the band.) 

SUNDAY, AT 10AM: I drove up north to the food festival. I was there until about noon. I guess I’m just not meant to be in the sun anymore. I felt like I was going to have another heat stroke, so I had to sit down and call it quits. Oy vey. In other news, the FF was wonderful. DID YOU SEE THE SHIRT? It said “original Jewish penicillin” with matzo ball soup on it. I LOVE IT. So anyway.. this event… as I was chatting with some pals there, it’s just another reminder how much I loveLOVEloveLOVElove events. The intense work you put into it, then getting to see everyone you can and talking your face off, only for the event to be over in a blink of an eye. Sounds a bit like theatre, aye? Anyway. Pictures and video can be found on my instagram. I walked around half a dozen times, listened to the band, ate some whitefish on bagel, drank some Dr Browns, went surfing for sweets, talking to everyone that had a booth, someone thought I was 20-something (thank you for that), signed up for Jewish Press paper (yay! more pony express treats!), talked to a Jewish genealogy group (and told them about my journey and when I ask my family about if anyone’s Jewish in my family—how they quickly change the subject and don’t want to talk about it), and so much more…. I hung out with our very own “Reenie” from A Corset Line, as well as our lovely writer / producer of the group.. and had a great time talking about things including a future plan for their group and possibly a future for me there as well. So, that’s a thing, and I think it may work. I now have to decide if I want to plan my involvement in anything around here past April, or let it be the end, and I leave May 1st and come back around Rosh Hashanah. It’s a tough decision, but only one I can make…

SATURDAY, afternoon: I caught up with reading magazines and read my first letter that I got from a penpal list. Basically, didn’t do too much else. 

SATURDAY, morning: Went to my first ever Shabbat morning services. Well, I’m really glad I waited until this weekend to go. Since I’ve never been—and usually, when I have Central Synagogue’s Saturday services on, I’m only listening and doing other things—so seeing the Torah being carried around and back, and the way everyone reacts,…. it is so powerful. I love it. But wow, Sat services are long. I know I probably shouldn’t say that, but. 

FRIDAY, night: I returned back to my Shabbat Fridays! Oh it was a miracle. I haven’t been in so long due to shows scattered all over the place, so it felt good to be back. 

Overall, what a wonderful Jewish based weekend. I hope I can continue growing, learning and doing in all of the Jewish environments whenever it is time to do so. This Faith is a beautiful one, and I am so happy to have found it. I don’t have the program next to me to share what piece of the Torah we read on Saturday, but when I was reading through the pages, I saw something on there that kids should not be taught Judaism or something of that nature because it is too powerful to understand at a young age (worded much different than this, but you get the picture)…. Maybe that’s why, and the for the reason, I didn’t even think to look into Judaism until age 31. To love and appreciate all the things… because it is much deeper than one realizes. 

What a weekend… what a weekend… what a weekend… ! 

PS – I have a new “soup play” that I wrote back in January for my 3rd home fam that was going towards their full length play (with 10 core stories tied in). However, I don’t think it’s going to be able to make it into that full length because I can’t figure out how to stage it correctly, so it’s just going to become a future story for my book. It’s posted here… enjoy. It’s the very, very, very rough draft without any designated names, questions still in the air, and whatnot. I can’t share the other stuff I’ve written because I told my writer’s group that I do not want any of their full work posted online that we’ll be doing for shows, and I have to keep to that rule myself as I have one more (jazz based) play that’s going towards their full length. Oy. I’m writing on at least 50 different stories/poetry/plays for 30 different events or reasons, I have no idea how I’m keeping everything straight right now. 

Love Always,
Karen Maeby 

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